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Autumn Budget 2017

The autumn budget 2017 is the first of the new annual budgets, now the spring version has been deemed as not necessary.  Nonetheless there was little of note and there were few surprises and much had already been released.  The headline if any stemmed from maintaining... read more

Trivial benefits for employees

mpanies employing staff may find trivial benefits for employees a useful way of giving them a gift but without worrying about it affecting their tax while remaining allowable for tax by the employer. The rules allow payments of upto £50 to an employee as long as it is... read more

Spring Budget 2017

The Spring Budget 2017 delivered the expected attacks on the self employed and company business owners who give the economy so much of it’s competitiveness and flexibilty which were reflected in the positive forecasts presented by the Chancellor Philip Hammond.... read more

Leaving the VAT Flat Rate Scheme

Leaving the VAT Flat Rate Scheme is now likely for 100k businesses in the UK with the introduction of new rules for Limited Cost Businesses.  The scheme was introduced to simplify reporting for smaller businesses but as a result of alleged abuse the door is now being... read more

HMRC response to Making Tax Digital

We are finally getting some more information on the HMRC response to Making Tax Digital proposal.  This aims to enforce quarterly reporting on businesses and landlords, but still with the annual tax return due by 31 January. A pilot scheme is starting in April 2017... read more

Autumn Statement 2016

The Autumn statement 2016 was to be Philip Hammond’s first and last as it is being abolished.  In future there will be just a Budget in the autumn, leaving plenty of time for implementation and a Spring statement which will be a Government response to the 6... read more

Companies House Confirmation Statement

The replacement for the Annual Return was made on 1 July 2016 and the new Companies House Confirmation Statement must now be used.  This incorporates the People with Significant Control (PSC) statement.  Most of our clients will continue to complete this online using... read more

Balance sheet and dividends

The balance sheet shows the limit of what dividends can be drawn: This is made up of the following sections: Fixed assets Current assets Current liabilities Net current assets (or liabilities) Long term liabilities Which is made up by the reserves (a limited company... read more