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Dividend tax planning options

There are dividend tax planning options which can be taken before 5 April 2016 to extract as much as possible before the changes take effect: I am advising clients who have profit and loss reserves as follows: If they are basic rate taxpayers to draw as much as... read more

Dividend tax for higher rate taxpayers

In the second part of the dividend tax series we consider the situation for higher rate taxpayers In summary Even higher rate taxpayers will receive the £5k tax free allowance Once the higher rate threshold has been passed the dividend tax will be 32.5% If a business... read more

Dividend tax for basic rate taxpayers

Watch my video to see how this new dividend tax will affect you as a basic rate taxpayer after 6 April 2016 In summary Everyone will receive the £5k tax free allowance This will only apply once your income has exceeded the personal allowance limit (£10.6k 2015/16)... read more

Autoenrolment for small employers

Workplace pensions have been widely advertised in the press but there is still misunderstanding of who it applies to especially for small businesses.  Almost any company, except director only ones, must go through the whole process although it should not be too... read more

Budget 2015 – an election special?

As expected at this stage of the Parliament, while there was not a lot of room for manoeuvre, there were some sweeteners across the board.  There was little for small businesses as alot of the headline issues were aimed at individuals.  More will be released in the... read more