Accountant-Shropshire & Kent

We serve clients across Kent, London, and across rest of the UK using electronic communication and Zoom for meetings. The growth of Cloud accounting products including Quickbooks, Freeagent, Xero and Easybooks means distance is no longer as important.


The accountant who “speaks your language”

So you don’t understand accounts, and tax goes right over your head.  One client said he learned (and understood) more in 1/2 hour than he had in years with his former accountant.  See what other people are saying on our testimonial page.

We work in partnership with you

Where to start? Since Alastair has been involved in our accounts, we have had industry expert advice with a personal service.

We moved from our previous accountant because we were not getting this. AW Accounting is a valuable asset to our business and has helped tremendously in setting up & running our Quickbooks. Thanks again Alastair!

Taylor Tuck-Brown - Mistek Ltd 15th November 2019

As a fellow accountant I greatly respect the service Alastair provides, he is technically excellent and provides very good value for money.

Alan Kennedy BSc FCA 24th July 2015