Alastair Wood is a Christian Accountant based near Gravesend, Kent and whatever your personal views will help you and your business to be

“the best they can possibly be”

He believes the relationship between the client and adviser should be open and honest , as that will enable the best advice to be given.  While he has some experience of charities the business is focused on commercial business clients.  As a Christian accountant he is able to offer other believers sound advice on financial matters such as tithing, gifts, gift aid and philanthropy.

Having met with James Shand who runs Christian Business Leaders west of London he is planning to start a Kent group. CBL runs breakfast meetings, support groups and mentoring to help you in your journey.  Do the following mean something to you?

Do you seek to affirm God as Lord of all of your life including your work?

  • How do you apply Biblical principles to your workplace?
  • How do you build a successful business which honours God?
  • Are you an effective witness, sharing your faith in the workplace?

If so please contact him and he will make sure you are invited to the opening meeting.

Alastair and his family all attend the Crossways Community Church close to the Dartford crossing, a church which makes Champions of people, is keen to build up relationships and work with businesses in the area.

AW Accounting is a member of the Association of Christian Financial Advisers.