The replacement for the Annual Return was made on 1 July 2016 and the new Companies House Confirmation Statement must now be used.  This incorporates the People with Significant Control (PSC) statement.  Most of our clients will continue to complete this online using this simple guide.  While for the first year there is the extra PSC information to complete most of the data is already held and it is simply a matter of confirming.  The process is fairly straightforward for anyone used to online shopping.

  1. Go to the webfiling section of Companies House
  2. Enter your registered email  address and security code (if this is the first time you have used the service you will need to complete the “new customer Register” section and the security code will be emailed to you)
  3. Select where the company is registered (probably England & Wales), the company number and the authentication code (if it is the first time you need to add a company and wait for confirmation by post).
  4. Select to File Confirmation Statement, you will then be taken through a number of screens where you can check and amend details:
    • Company trading status – unless you have a listed company this will be No
    • Registered Office
    • Company Officers – details of the directors and shareholders, due to Companies Act changes you now have to specify the country/state of residence (ie United Kingdom) for directors of the company.  You will be prompted by highlighted red text if you have not amended any required fields.Location of Company register – this will be the registered office unless these are held elsewhere
    • SIC code – this code (or codes) should represent the activity of the company, there are main categories which are then further subdivided so it should be possible to pick an appropriate one from the dropdown list.
    • Capital – the number of issued shares in each class and their respective rights must be disclosed.  These rights include voting, dividends, what happens on winding up and whether they are redeemable.
    • Shareholders – details of full names of shareholders required
    • You will also need to add a People of Significant Control Statement by clicking on the Add as PSC Notification, in most cases for small companies this will be the main director/shareholder, so select the first link Notification of a Person… then add:
      • Name, date of birth, nationality, correspondence address (can be the registered office), home address and country of residence
      • Nature of control – for smaller companies this will usually be Ownership of Shares, but may be ownership of voting rights for group  companies, you then need to select the percentage of ownership (usually based on number of shares held)
      • Finally when they became a PSC (probably 1 July 2016 if this is the first time this has been added)
    • You then just need to make a £13 card payment to complete the exercise.

There are various forms you can complete online including changes of directors addresses and the process is within reach of anyone used to completing online documents.  This article is a brief summary of how to complete the Companies House Confirmation Statement and may not apply to specific circumstance so please seek professional advice before taking any steps based on the information shown. If you would like advice in this or other areas feel free to call.  Alastair Wood, AW Accounting – Accountants who “speak your language”