The lifeblood of a business is it’s income and it is simple  to Create an invoice in Quickbooks Online.Invoices can be opened from two locations, see our earlier post for navigation in Quickbooks:

  1. The left hand navigation, Customers menu.  As you have to select the customer each time this is best used for occasional invoices
  2. Global navigation + symbol, Customer – Invoice.  This is much better for creating a series of invoices as a batch

This opens the invoice itself:

QB invoice

Starting from the top left:

  1. Enter the customer name, if they are new you have the option to save it or add more information before saving (eg address if you are going to use the system invoice to send)
  2. Email – Customer email address if you are going to email the invoice, or leave it blank
  3. Billing address – this will be picked up from the customer details if entered, or you can add it just for this invoice
  4. Terms, invoice and due date – enter these depending on your terms and the document date
  5. Invoice number – this is usually set to be a custom number and Quickbooks will add a number each time a new invoice is created, or you can type in your own (if this field does not appear you can change the setting in the Company cog, Company settings, Sales)
  6. Product service – you may offer different services eg consultancy and product sales, and you can separate them so they appear as different sales lines.  If you add a new one eg “Cons” for consultancy, if you type Consultancy in the description box this will appear on printed invoices, then enter a rate (if applicable) and which sales code to use then save
  7. There are some free text boxes you can use, but if you are finished you can Print the document, then save it
  8. Within the save button you can: Save and close, save and new to to another one, and if you have an email address save and send

Alastair Wood is a Quickbooks Quickbooks ProAdvisor2Certified ProAdvisor and these posts are intended as assitance and reminders on how to use the online system.  There is also a useful help function in the software aswell as numerous resources online, but if you are uncertain please ask.  This information is based on the product as it was presented when the article was written.  If you would like advice in this or other areas feel free to call.  Alastair Wood, AW Accounting, Gravesend, Kent – Accountants who “speak your language”